Dream Body Program for Women


My Dream Body Program, which I designed solely and exclusively to target the the specific needs of a woman's body, is a fat loss and toning results program. The overall program is combined to be effective by controlling what you take in (calories) and what you put out (energy). The intake of calories and expenditure of energy, coupled with the correct training will work your muscles to ultimately burn fat. The hardest part is staying motivated and maintaining consistency. If you can bring those two things to this program, then the rest is laid out for you and you will win! You will be working to lose body fat, not weight. Weight, being the number on the scale is not the focus. As you begin to use weights and get the muscles working, they will begin to shred the fat around them while tightening up at the same time. When muscles tighten and get stronger, they weigh more. Therefore, throughout the program you will take regular measurements and photos to track your progress. It is imperative to do this because your eye may not notice the changes directly as you look at yourself in the mirror on a daily basis; but, pictures and the tape measure do not lie. Together we will achieve the toned, leaner, more defined physique you desire.


The Dream Body is a program is in PDF form for download and gives you 12 weeks of workouts and a nutrition plan. Everything is mapped out step by step for you to follow. The program contains various cardio routines, strength training (weights) routines, and stretching demonstrations. There are workouts for either gym or home. It is designed to make significant changes in your body over that period of time by building lean muscle mass, decreasing body fat, and strengthening your core. This program provides you all the tools you need to incorporate into your daily schedule however you see fit!